Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mr. Hold My Feet

Here is Mr. Hold My Feet soon after he slipped out of bed to come help me sew. He also poured a little yellow paint out on the carpet and hammered it. Nice! I not only have a yellow blob in the carpet, but I have splatters of yellow paint on my table. I guess that was the creativity in him.

My son has an obsession...Super Heroes! He carries around these figures (Superman, Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman) all day and even sleeps with them. If he wakes up in the middle of the night he has to locate all of them. If he can't, he wakes everyone up until we find them. He loves his super hero pajamas and thinks he should be able to wear them every where. I picked him up from the baby sitter's last week and he had his clothes on, but when we got home he wanted to take his shirt off. My kids want to take all their clothes off as soon as they walk in the door. I told him no that we were going to go outside and he started crying. He kept saying "I can't see it! I can't see it!" I looked a little closer and tried to hold him but he was relentless in taking his shirt off. Of course, I gave in. If you are a follower then you know I have encouraged this behavior. Cry and mommy will let you have your way! As I am grabbing a hold of his shirt I notice he has his superman pajama top on under neath. Making sense to me now. He couldn't see his Superman logo.

He also has a new thing. It's been going on for the past month. When he gets sleepy, he wants you to hold his feet. Yes, hold his feet. If we are in the car, he props his feet on the shoulder of my seat and says "mommy, hold my feet". I came to bed the other night around 2AM and he was turned toward the foot of the bed and I told him to come up and lay on the pillow but he wouldn't. In his half awake voice he asks me where his "doddy" is and I tell him that he is right beside him. He softly says "doddy, hold my feet". Richard is out like a light so Gavin gets a little louder. "Hold my feet doddy!" Still Richard doesn't budge. Gavin then raises up and slaps Richard's bare back as hard as he can three times while hollering "HOLD MY FEET DODDY!" Richard raises straight up and grabs both feet and they both fall back over and go to sleep. I was so tickled. Richard don't even remember him doing it. Last night in bed Gavin rolls over and says "mommy, hold my feet". I do and I get the sweetest "hank you mommy".

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