Monday, August 30, 2010

one up on me!

Rich and I love to go to concerts and we usually go together, but there was one that I went to that he couldn't because of work. At the time he wasn't too bummed about it because it was a country concert that included Kenny Chesney (before Rich became a fan) and Brooks and Dunn. However, I was really excited! My cousin went with me and we had a blast. Toward the end of the concert Kenny brought out Kid Rock, who Richard liked at the time. I could not wait to call Richard and tell him who I saw. I knew it would make being at work ten times worse, but I loved having one up on him. I was dialing his number as soon as I got outside, but I couldn't reach him. He was flying on an emergency helicopter in Kentucky and it was a few hours before I heard from him. He asked how the concert was and I couldn't wait to rub it in. I told him he would never guess who Kenny brought out to sing a song with him. He began to tell me that he bet he could. Then he left it at that and told me to check my email. Of course, I checked my email and there it was. A picture of Rich and Kid Rock. How in the world did this happen? I immediately called him back and he was laughing in that crazy "hyena laugh" that he has. Rich informs me that he got to talk with him at the airport while waiting on the helicopter to fuel up. He told Kid Rock that he hated to be the "normal fan" and aggravate him with taking a picture, but that no one would believe him other wise . Kid Rock was very nice and told him to get the camera. So, he is one up on me!

Yes, I am looking through old pictures! How else would I have something so random!? haha!

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