Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Cupcakery

Since Gavin's birthday fell on Wednesday this year, we decided to head over to the Cupcakery to try their cupcakes. I highly recommend the red velvet. It was delicious. I had mine eaten before Richard could get outside with a drink. Here is Gavin holding the four cupcakes. Just a moment later I found out that he was holding them upside down. They were still edible, but if you know Gavin, you know that he was tore up. We managed to sculpt the icing so that it didn't look too messed up and he finally ate it.

I wouldn't receive the mother of the year award because I forgot to make him a number shirt and I didn't notice until we got ready to leave. He came through the house and asked me where his birthday shirt was and I could have died. Needless to say, I stopped in my tracks and told Richard he would have to wait so I could make him a shirt. The picture was taken right after I put it on him. I must do better with my own kids. ha ha! I did remember his shirt for his party on Saturday.

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