Monday, July 5, 2010

They are so his kids!

Yes, when it comes to eating, they are definitely like their daddy. Well, except for the Cocoa Pebbles. We road up to 33 bridge with some friends and stopped to eat at the dock. Once Richard got his plate, both kids were sitting with him. They ate ribs, which is something I do not eat. They love steak, shrimp, ribs, strawberries, and much, much more, but those are not my cup of tea. I usually stick to bread, salad, and potatoes. I love ordering a grilled cheese off the kids menu and since the kids usually eat off Richard's plate, it frees up a kids meal for me. haha!

They had to shoot a game of pool before we left, but not without a little lesson from their daddy.

Me, Steph, and Sadie

Sadie and Richard went fishing in the paddle boat and they drifted way down the cove so papaw went and brought them back. Looks like Sadie jumped ship and road with papaw.

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