Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beach 2010

My mom, dad, and uncle watching the kids ride rides

Sadie and her cousin CoraPapaw came out to help his boy boogie board. People get confused about what to call Gavin because my family calls him Richie, but he answers to several things. haha!

Gavin is watching on as my girl hit two hole in ones in a row. She made us all look bad!
Think Gavin likes the silly bands?

All the kids piled up on my dad's tube to enjoy the lazy river

The girls always look forward to their night out dressing the same. This is what Sadie picked out this year. We headed out to Broadway at the Beach and ate at Sadie's favorite restaurant Japanese Steakhouse.

Gavin deciding on which candy he wanted from the candy store.
My sweet mom and dad
Gavin doing a little super hero action on the beach

I think their faces say it all! Great times!
Sadie is still wearing her original "sadie style" skirt that I made 3 seasons ago. She has outgrown two shirts that I have made to match this and this is her third, but the skirt still fits great.

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