Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some would call it trash!

When we finally got ready to decorate our bedroom at the houseboat, I was up in the air about what to do. My home is reds, yellows, blacks, and greens so I wanted to do something a bit different than I normally would. I decided on a "Tiffany blue" and light yellows. We salvaged a dresser that was on our old houseboat. We bought our first houseboat almost 16 years ago and the people who had owned it previously left it on there and if you would have seen it, you would have known why they threw it in. The knobs were broken and you couldn't even tell what color it was. For some reason, we never got rid of it. Richard even went through the trouble of getting it off the old boat and storing it in the basement. He's learned over the years that alot of the things we store in the garage and basement can be turned in to something I love. He has even grown to like my visions. Haha! We starting moving furniture the weekend before the fourth and this dresser was one of the things we brought. I sent Richard in one evening after some paint and he brought back the perfect color. I painted it yellow and then roughed the edges up with a sander. The previous color came through a little at the edges and brought out the blue in the walls. I had found these cute knobs a year or so ago and never had anything to use them on and they were perfect for this. I wish I had a good before picture so you could see the difference, but it now is a perfect fit in our room. I bought my bedding and made me a dust ruffle. I found my cool lamp at Marshals and our room doesn't like much. I am going to make some throw pillows to add some other colors.

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Anonymous said...

This is Jaime Walden...I bought that same lamp!!!! I love it!