Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's definitely not me having twins, but I have had two customers in the past week who are having twins and a boy and girl would be perfect! My dad always teased me that I might have twins because of the way they run on both sides of my family and I thought for a few days that it might just be the case. I'll never forget my first ultrasound when I was having Sadie. It was exciting just because we were having a baby. Rich was laughing and sorta joking about having twins when I heard the doctor say. "Wow, look there. You have two sacks!" Of course, I responded with, "What does that mean?" Long story short, you could clearly see two sacks, but one was smaller than the other. I had to wait until the following week to get another ultrasound. The next week, one sack was growing and the other was still small. We went back for a third ultrasound and there was clearly just one baby. The doctor told me that I was as close to having twins that you could be without actually having them.
This will be number 2 and 3 for both customers. That is very exciting and probably a little bit overwhelming. Here is a little info that might make numbers 2 and 3 look like a "piece of cake." My aunt had 12 kids and the last two were twins. That's what I call "going out with a bang."

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