Thursday, July 23, 2009

What will you do for a good shot?

I hadn't seen the location until we arrived there Tuesday, but I think it was perfect!
I think it is a beautiful spot and you can see that from the picture of the car down below.
Here you see a few of us trying to get a good shot of Sadie who was not too cooperative because she wanted to make a little money. She was all about selling some lemonade and it wasn't cheap. It was actually pretty funny. At one point she told Reagan that she needed to go get some money from her daddy and she went to my dad who she had seen giving money out to the kids to buy lemonade. It did occupy them while getting some shots of the outfits. Check Gavin out. He is in the process of jumping on my back.
How pretty is this! We are all up in the field getting some pictures of the kids sitting on the car and my dad took this. This is the prop that we were so excited about. This car was bought new by Richard's papaw in 1954. It is very sentimental to us, especially Richard. I thought it would be really neat to have some of the pictures with the car. I can't wait to see how they turned out.

You can't see from any of the pictures, but Daniel marked his territory :) He had mowed the letters SCP in the field. It was impressive Daniel!

Here are the prop dudes. I know that together Rebekah and I could come up with some better names for these two, but we were too busy. I also must add that Rebekah had me walking through stuff I would have never came close to walking through. What you will do to get a great shot :)

I know that I was exhausted at the end and I know Sadie was ready to have her mommy back. I have sewed for days and up til atleast 4:00am 4 to 5 nights this past week. Sadie told me Monday that "we were closing up shop after the shoot." I think she said it well and we did. Wednesday we were off for a day full of fun!

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