Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is it a sign?

There have been a few things here lately that make me think I have reached a certain phase in my life and it's not the young phase. Listen and see if you think it is a sign.

I was leaving the neighborhood the other evening and not only did I stop, but I turned around to take this picture of the sunset. Is that a sign that I'm not so young? What young person would do that?

I also enjoy driving around and looking at property and land. I can remember when my mom and dad would do that and me and my brother hated it. Is that a sign?


Richard and I came in the other night to play on the couples golf "league" at the country club. It is on Thursday nights and we left the lake to play. Every team is atleast my mom and dad's age, except for us. All these together is a sign! BUT...life is good!

Rich breaking beans is definately a sign :)

We went to the pool today and when we got back we helped mom break beans.

Then it was a little one on one. Long story short...I got a basketball scholarship to play ball in college and so did Richard's sister. It was a big part of our lives as well as our parents. Rich has always gave me a hard time about it and always questioned every little thing when the basketball talk would start up around our families. Well, last night Rich was looking for something and came across some letters that some colleges had sent me. He seemed a bit surprised by it and continued to question it some more. I think he might have been a little shocked by the schools. So...guess what he wanted to do today? PLAY BALL! He wanted to boost his ego a little by saying he could beat me. Mom and Dad have a goal that they bought the kids, so we went up there and played some 21. I won one and he won the rest! Sadie had my phone taking play by play pictures.

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