Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breaking more beans

Mom had reinforcement come in today from Georgia to help with the beans. She will have about 115 quarts canned by the time she gets finished. Whew whee!
This pic is for you Stephanie & Jason. I know you will never look at these the same way :)

Papaw giving Gavin a lesson in stringing beans.

Here is this weekends' team. Speaking of teams. Rich and I won the couples' golf this past Thursday. I'm sure not one to brag, but I thought I would mention this because it will probably NEVER happen again. We were so amazed and cracked up because we couldn't even believe how well we played. Richard said that he was so glad someone played with us this week because no one would have believed our scores otherwise.

After hamburgers and hot dogs we broke some more beans and then hit the golf course. Can you believe how cool it was this evening. I wore a jacket.
Sadie putting on the 8th green

Look at them. They are so envious of my drive. "How does she do that?"

It was time to go home at this point. Meltdown number...oh, I lost count!


sophiemac photography said...

oh my gosh becky. I never realized how much you looked like your dad!

Becky said...

Everyone always thinks I look like my mom until they see my dad :)