Thursday, June 11, 2009

Polkadaisies...fabric search for Mr. Asher

This is Asher's bedding from The Land of Nod. I just think it is precious and even considered buying it for my little Gavin. I ended up making Gavin's bedding, but used the same colors. Of course I love it...polkadots!!!
I have been on a search for some cute boy fabric for little Mr. Asher who will be here later in the summer and finally found some that I loved. I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite fabric stores today and lucked up with my finds. I will be working on some things for little Asher this weekend now that I have found cute fabric. It's so much harder to find boy fabrics than girls.

What is on my agenda for tonight?
1. Work on Tabitha & Laura's twirl outfits and hopefully finish them up by the weekend
2. Finish 5 necklace orders with the help of my husband who is now in the process of putting away a mountain of laundry. I HATE PUTTING AWAY LAUNDRY!!!!
3. Venting to my best friend as soon as her dance show goes off because I let something that I shouldn't almost ruin my evening...I like my pink hair :)
4. Popcorn, goobers, and a Dr. Pepper around midnight so I can make it through til early morning.
5. Anticipating crawling in bed and having my little fella snuggle up to me and in his sleepy voice mutter the words "I love you mommy" as he always does when I come to bed.


T Sharee said...

I love your pink hair!!!!!

Becky said...

...and my silver Uggs,right?
Thanks Tiffany! You made me smile!