Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back from vacation!

This is our crew with the rainbow umbrellas.
They didn't have polka dot ones:)
We spent 7 nights away at the beach with our family this past week and we are now back in town. Sorry that I have neglected the blog, but I promised myself that these 7 days would be about my family and nothing else. We do this every year and usually we have around 20-25 family members come along, but this year we only had 16. This picture is just part of the crew. We all would meet down on the beach to hang out and the men would head out around 2 for their 18 holes of golf. Me and the kids wouldn't return to our room until 5 or 6 to get ready for dinner. We did have a routine which is very important for sanity when you have 2 little ones. The kids would be exhausted when we came up to the room, so to make bath time go a little smoother, I would get Krispy Kreme doughnuts and sippy cups ready for them to enjoy during their baths. It was a sure fire way to get them in the bath quickly. I am almost embarrassed to admit that we made a run to the Krispy Kreme every night after dinner or putt putt to buy a dozen doughnuts. The four of us would eat a dozen a day. WOW! It was vacation and I sure wasn't watching my figure. We ate at two of my favorites while we were there...Bonefish & Japanese Steak House. Several of us are not fish eaters, so we had some constant companions for dinner. A few couples on the other hand, had to stray off during dinner to get some seafood. Overall the trip was great and I can't wait to go back!

Some nights it was Krispy Kreme and Marble Slab!

Gavin learned to swim while we were there. It's the cutest thing. He wanted me to take his swimmies off because his sissy and cousin Cora were swimming without theirs. I took them off expecting him to sink and instantly want them back on, but he didn't. He did so good! He would even jump off the side and swim to me. I wish I had a picture of him in action, but I didn't get one.

The kids were dancing outside of Mellow Mushroom. Sadie and Gavin are with their cousins. The girls are 3 months apart and the boys are only 8 days apart. They had a blast!

pretending to be a Daddy's boy

I had to throw this one in there. Mr. Hold My Feet in action on the way down. Rich is holding Gavin's feet while driving. I guess I need to explain the tatoo on Rich's wrist. He had Sadie write her name on her 4th birthday and then went and had it tattooed on his wrist. He is going to have Gavin do the same on his 4th birthday and put it on the other wrist. Are you puking in your mouth?


Chantena said...

I love the tatoo! thats soo original and sweet!

Becky said...

Thanks! It's my favorite one he has. If I ever got a tatoo, that's what I would get.