Monday, June 15, 2009

Polkadaisies...birthday shirt and ruffle capris for Millie Anne

Now this was a tricky one for me. I have had two outfits in the past few years that have really stumped me and this was one of them and I'm not sure why. The customer wanted an outfit for her daughter to wear for pictures on the beach and she only wanted me to use whites, creams, khaki, or browns. Oh! Now I get it. I wasn't allowed to use any pinks :) That was my problem. Calm, soothing, not flashy or gaudy. So hard for me. It seems really simple, but yet I made it so difficult. I hope that it's what she had in mind.
I have to add that this little Millie Anne is a very special girl and I learned that through the emails her mother sent me and from a close friend. She was a much wanted little girl! I spoke to her mother for the first time on the phone this evening and you could just hear in her voice how precious Millie Anne is to her by the way she responded to Millie Anne trying to get her attention. I wish I handled my kids with that kind of grace when they are trying to get my attention when I'm on the phone. They usually get snapping fingers and the evil eye. LOL Oh don't think they don't get any of that sweet talk, because they do, just not while I'm on the phone :)

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NNS said...

I just had to comment after reading the sweet blog Miss Becky wrote for my daugter, Millie Anne. She did an absolutely fabulous job capturing what I had envisioned for Millie's first birthday outfit. We will be at the same beach that she was first created (she was an ivf baby:)) and I can't wait to take her back to the clinic and show her off in her new custom outfit. Thanks, Becky, for being so gifted and sweet to do this for us!!