Thursday, August 9, 2012

Papaw Pre-school graduation

 I debated and debated on sending Gavin to pre-school but decided against it and I am so glad I did.  The alternative was having "papaw pre-school" and that is what we went with.  I can not put into words how thankful I am that Gavin had this opportunity.  Not everyone qualifies for "papaw pre-school", but Gavin met all of the requirements to attend.  The biggest requirement is having a retired papaw who is willing to hang out with a 4/5yr old.  I wouldn't take anything for the time Gavin has spent with my dad.  The experiences they have shared this past year are much more important to not only Gavin, but to me as well, than any pre-school he could have went to and I'm sure Gavin will always remember their adventures.  Most days began with a trip to the Corner Market for breakfast but the rest of their days were always unpredictable.  They spent days fishing, playing golf, running a back hoe or bull dozer, working on cars and boats, emergency rooms (papaw cutting his finger open), painting houses, shopping, etc.  They also spent days practicing math (Gavin can add surprisingly well), writing his name, learning his letters,  tieing his shoes, computer activities, ect.  Throughout the past year Gavin has started calling papaw Pop.  He doesn't say it every time, but it is always at the sweetest moments and it expresses that special  bond they have made.  Gavin has always been close to my dad, but it stepped up a notch this past year.  Everyone has asked what my dad will do this year without Gavin and I'm sure he will keep busy but my hopes are to sign him up for a "parent volunteer" this year since I will have Gavin in my Kindergarten class.  haha!  It's sad thinking that his days will not be spent with "Pop" but I am really exciting about spending my days with him.  I have had Sadie the past two years in class ( 1st and 2nd grade) but this year she will no longer have me for a teacher.  She is heading to 3rd grade without me and I am looking forward to teaching Gavin.  I have been so fortunate to have my kids in class and it makes being a working mom so much better.  If I am going to work, I will do anything to spend my days with my kids.  After two years with Sadie, I am sad to think about her being in 3rd grade without me but I feel that it's only fair to give Gavin the opportunity to have me for a teacher.  It has put both of us at ease about him starting school.  I know things are going to be totally different with him because he is the total opposite of Sadie, but hopefully it will be a great experience.  If not, I guess I will be calling Papaw to come and get him.  Haha!

With all that being said...
Dad, I want to thank you for being there for Gavin and making all those wonderful memories that he will never forget.  You get teacher of the year in my book. 

Gavin received a certificate from Pop
along with a one hundred dollar bill
for pre-school graduation
Gavin had been "wanting one of those bills for a long time" ;)

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