Friday, August 10, 2012

3rd grade was a hit!

I am so happy that Sadie loved her first day of 3rd grade.  It was rough for me because not only is she not in my class but she is now in the "big kid hall".  I probably won't get to see her much at all during the day but I do feel much better about things now. 

Funny things kids say:
As we were leaving school today, Sadie over heard a conversation I was having with another parent about how hard it is to lose weight.  The other parent said her problem was candy bars and I said my problem is bread.  After school I took Sadie to Zaxby's and I turned in toward Taco Bell.  Sadie asked if I was going to Taco Bell (if I'm gonna have fast food, I often go to Taco bell because I am watching calories and a taco is much better than most options).  As I am pulling up Sadie says..."Bread is not your only problem!"  LOL!  So true!

Later in the evening, Sadie asked me if I had her early.  I told her I did so she wanted to know how long she had to stay in the hospital.  I told her that we had to stay two nights and then we got to come home.  Gavin turned around and said "Sadie, you had to stay in the hospital two days so you could get use to mommy and like her before she brought you home."

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