Friday, August 19, 2011

A special day...

We took Gavin to Toys R Us so he could spend his birthday money. He bought lots of Star Wars legos and we have been working on putting them all together this week. Below is a recap of his special day!

I got this idea on the internet...
What better way to start a birthday boy's day off? I spent the night before blowing up 40 plus balloons to put all around the bed when he woke up. I had to go to work on his birthday so I decided to wait until early morning and pour them all over the bed. He was so surprised and happy when he woke up. Getting off to a great start!

I heard a car pulling out of our driveway and went down to see who it was and found three packages on our porch. Each package wrapped up...2 with Gavin's name on them and one for Sadie. I seen our good friend Jason driving up the rode as I came out side. Gavin couldn't wait to see what his buddy Jason had got him. I would have never guessed and it couldn't have been anything more perfect for Gavin (and Sadie). As you have seen on the blog , we love going to the rope swing at the lake. It is always the highlight of the day for our kids. Well, just recently we went out to the rope swing to find that someone had cut both huge trees down and they were laying down in the lake. I couldn't believe it when I seen it. It was so sad. I guess you are wondering what the rope swing has to do with the gift. It has everything. Gavin opened the first box and it was a pair of Keen sandals to wear climbing up to the rope swing and the other was a huge roll of rope for us to make a new rope swing. The excitement on Gavin's face was priceless. Sadie also got a pair of shoes. Thank you Jason and Stephanie. My kids love you both!

A trip to Build a Bear for the birthday boy!

He decided he wanted to go to Outback for ribs for his birthday dinner. The waitress sat the plate down in front of him and he looked at it and said "This is a masterpiece!" Where did that come from?! My boy loves to eat!

A little light saber action before we called it a day!

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