Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Gavin!

My little guy turned 5 today.
He won't be going to school this year but he will get "Papaw Preschool".
My dad is retired so Gavin gets to spend his days with "Pop" when his Daddy and I are working. I wouldn't take anything for the time they get to spend together...mornings at the Corner Market eating breakfast, working with dad on projects, playing golf, or just hanging out.
Gavin wanted to wear his "88" shirt for me to take his picture because he is saving his "5" shirt to wear out to eat for his birthday dinner. There is a story behind the shirt. Gavin loves the number 88. If you asked him how many stars are in the sky, he would say 88. If you asked him how many times we have been to the lake, he would say 88 times. If you asked him how old his daddy is, he would say 88. haha! Just kidding. You get my point though. We always know what he is going to respond with if he has to put a number on something. So, I felt like an 88 shirt was perfect for him. I have kept lots and lots of the kids' favorite shirts so that one day I can make them a quilt using them. Not just any shirts will do but shirts that mean something to us and to him. When I see that 88 shirt on his quilt one day it will definitely make me smile. I'm gonna have to find something or make something that says "hold my feet". We are still holding this little guy's feet and will as long as he wants us to :)

It didn't take long for him to be done with pictures.
Happy Birthday Gavin!
I love you!

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