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I made this Cougars shirt for this sweet lady who is one proud mommy (as she should be). Cindy's son Justin (pictured on the right)is the new head football coach at my former high school. His twin brother Matt (boy, that was hard to figure out haha!) is an assistant coach as well. I don't know Justin nor his brother, but after listening to Cindy tell stories about them, I couldn't help but know I would like them. Just being Cindy's sons is enough of a reason to like them. She is the sweetest person! I may even have to head out one Friday night to show my support. It's been YEARS since I have stepped foot on that football field, but this year may be the year.
Good luck Justin (and Matt)! I hope it's a great season for the Cougars!!!!

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Somethin' Sweet said...

You are so sweet Becky Cox! I love my shirt- thank you so much, it was a huge hit! I feel blessed being across the hall from such a creative soul! You're a special one! Thanks for the well wishes and the kind words. Hope to see you at the game... Go Cougars! :)