Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some of my favorite things for summer...

time with friends and family is definitely at the top of the list!

our family beach trip in June

gotta have some easy cheese at the houseboat while playing cards

The kids and Rich riding to the houseboat on the back of the boat. Sweet!

Springs' Dock on Norris Lake

There is nothing better than heading over to the dock to get a bite to eat. My favorite is the turkey club! We can't ever get out of there without the kids getting bubble gum and ice cream. Although the dock is now open and serving food, they haven't cranked up the ice cream machine yet. The kids are counting down the days! We "big ole fluffy heart" Springs Dock!

Definitely an OLD Favorite! I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil. The sun makes me feel so good!

Concerts in the summer

I love a concert anytime, but backstage passes to the Kenny Chesney concert in Tampa was an all time favorite!

Here is a new favorite. Rich and I always buy new sun glasses just before summer vacation and I think this will be what I purchase this year.

Swimmies from Walmart

These "Flotties" have lasted us since Gavin was big enough to wear them. The fabric on them makes them so much more comfortable. Cheap too.

Coppertone sunscreen is my favorite by a long shot.

2 vacations would be much better than one!

Isle of Palms

I'm liking this Lucky Brand bikini! I have always been a bikini girl because one pieces are never long enough for this long body of mine. I have dreaded putting a bathing suit on this year, but this might be the one I purchase. I need a tan on this white, white body of mine before I try on swimsuits. I'm thinking about trying a spray on tan. I will let you know if it is a new favorite or not. Haha!
Frozen Lemonade is delicious year round but it just tastes better when you are on the beach.

We always had fishing boats growing up and Richard and I even had one when we married, but 6 or 7 years ago we got rid of it and bought a Mastercraft. Once you have a Mastercraft, you won't go back. I can't remember ever fishing when we had fishing boats. Clearly it wasn't about practicality.

My favorite soap. It just smells so good!

I am busting for summer to arrive. I had to work today while the men in my life (Rich, Gavin, and Dad) went to the lake. How cruel is that!

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