Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can I marry my brother...

My kids were playing "let's dance" on the wii. Check out their shoes. Gavin is wearing Richard's and Sadie is wearing mine. LOL

Sadie and I were heading out to the lake after school Tuesday and I thought I would share our conversation.

Sadie: "Where's Gavin?"

Me: "He's at the lake with your daddy."

Sadie: "I bet he missed me today!"

Me: "I'm sure he did!"

Sadie: "Can I marry my brother?"

Me: "No, honey you can't marry your brother. Why do you ask that?"

Sadie: "Because I think he will be real cute one day."

Me: "Sadie, it's not all about being cute. You want someone that cares about you and that will always be good to you."

Sadie: "yeah, I want them to be good to me, but I want them to be CUTE too!"

I'm trying my best not to laugh at this point and then she continues with...

"I think his hair will be really cool when he is older."

I love my kids!!!!!

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