Friday, January 1, 2010

a look at 2009

January 2009
I can't believe how much he has grown in a year. I was shocked looking back at pictures. One thing has stayed the can still see the meanness!

February 2009
This is Sadie's all time favorite skirt. She still loves wearing it!

March 2009
We made our first trip to the Bass Pro Shop.
It's not my cup of tea, but we still had fun!

My first time to Starbucks
I ordered a hot chocolate

Gavin got to ride the go carts for the first time on one of our many trips to Gatlinburg.
Can you believe they let my two year old drive one?!
The kids favorite stop in Gatlinburg...the CaNdY store.

my boy rocks too!

Wasabi is their favorite place to eat
I can't leave out the pink hair that stirred up a lot of talk in town. I can't believe everyone doesn't love pink hair. Hah!

We had our first photo shoot with Southern Charm Portraits
Easter Sunday 2009

April 2009
Sadie turned 5

May 2009
Sadie's last day of preschool

June 2009
our family beach trip

Summer fun!

the moon walk in honor of Michael Jackson

Sadie's 5 year checkup
all smiles now, but it was pure torture

July 2009
fun at the lake

August 2009
Second photo shoot with Southern Charm Photography

August 2009
Sadie's first day of Kindergarten

August 11, 2009
Gavin turned 3
bye bye terrible twos...RIGHT??
a vacation that we will never forget
backstage at the Kenny Chesney concert in tampa, FL
and 4 nights on a boat with our good friends the Woodsons

September 2009
my first trunk show

October 2009
let's not forget Gavin's obsession with super heroes

Sadie lost her front tooth

October 2009
a great, relaxing vacation with Rebekah and Daniel at Seabrook Island
(while we were at the beach, a storm demolished our houseboat)

November 2009
the beginning of our new houseboat

December 2009
last but not least, our new addition Miss Daisy
Happy New Year!

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Brandi said...

Looks like you had a great 2009. I hope 2010 is even better!! What a beautiful family you have.. your dog too!!! Love the beanie hat and baby gown. The shower is tomorrow..woohoo!!!!