Sunday, January 10, 2010

"I'm Dizausted"

"I'm dizausted" as my little girl would say. We had a little weekend getaway to the
Wilderness Resort in Sevierville and I am soooo tired. The kids had a blast and I wanted to walk around with a bag over my head because I wasn't prepared to put on a bathing suit in January. In my mind, I still had a few months to prepare, but I wasn't thinking about the occasional getaways with the family. I have been putting off dieting, but it looks like I will be starting that dreadful lifestyle tomorrow.

Although the weekend was a blast, it went down hill when I got home. My computer (work computer) is more than likely history. Crashed!? I will be taking it tomorrow to find out for sure, but it doesn't look good. I could handle losing most everything on the computer, but I can't stand the thoughts of losing MY PICTURES. I use to do so good at developing pictures and putting them on a disc, but in the past two years I have been a slacker in that department. If those pictures are lost, I will be extremely sad! Gavin's third birthday, family beach trips, Preschool for Sadie, Kindergarten, Christmas, etc. I take pictures every day so you can imagine the amount of pictures on my computer. My fingers are crossed and I would love to think positive, but you do know how things roll for me, right? After a fun filled weekend and the stress of my computer, I think I will call it a night. Here is what "dizausted" looks like.

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