Sunday, May 22, 2011

Learning to Roller Skate

Sadie and Gavin went roller skating for the first time this weekend. Their cousin had a roller skating party and they were excited all week about going. So, Saturday we made a trip to Kentucky to celebrate Emma's 5th birthday.

These little contraptions were the neatest things. It was like a walker on wheels.

Sadie caught on pretty fast.

Gavin was determined and finally caught on before the party was over.

The kids even got to play lazer tag for the first time.

Happy Birthday Emma!

Sadie and Sarah

After the party we went back to their house and grilled out while the kids played in the water. Here's Gavin going out with a splash!

I must say that we had a wonderful time spending the day with family!

Kids say the funniest things:

Sadie and Gavin have been playing with a dog that has been coming to our house. She named it Sally until we realized it was a boy. Then she changed it to Sal. We had told her that it was a Jack Russell Terrier.

Sadie and Sarah rode with me when we left the party and they were asking one another all kinds of questions. Sarah asked Sadie what her favorite dog was. Sadie asked me what kind of dog Daisy was and then told Sarah that her favorite dogs were "chocolate labs and tuck russells." She never skipped a beat when she said it.

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