Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter 2011...The egg hunt!

Mia, Tien, Rachel, Alyssa, Mackenzie, Carmen

Gavin, Emmy, Sadie, Reagan, and Daisy

The guys like to act like they don't like hiding the eggs but I know they do. We had hundreds of eggs (over 500) and when I asked my dad where they were, he told me he had already hid them. I laughed and asked where and he pointed in the car. haha Dad! Toward the end of hiding them, I felt like a sprinkler out in the yard turning in circles throwing eggs in the yard. We hid them in all three yards and still ran out of places to hide them.

The kids were so excited.

Daisy helped me hide the eggs.

Uncle Larry even joined in on the fun!

The kids love hunting the eggs but they also enjoy counting them out at the end and going through all their prizes. We all sit together and go through all of the eggs and then put all the plastic eggs back in the laundry basket to save for next year.

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