Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bless them!

Both kids are sick...NEED I SAY MORE!!!

I tried answering emails tonight, but I didn't get through all of them. If you are waiting for a response, I will try to get to all of them by Friday since I will be gone all day again tomorrow. This sweet scene that you are looking at above was short lived. Let's say 25 minutes at the most. What happened once they woke up was not pretty. Gavin finally calmed down an hour later and ate his supper. The grilled cheese done wonders for him :) I won't share the treasure that calmed Sadie. I'm too embarrassed as a mother to spill the beans!

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Brandi said...

Poor kids!! And poor momma too!!! Hate it when the kids aren't feeling well!! Hope everyone is feeling better now.