Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flash and punk rock skeleton...

As you can see, Gavin has stuck with the theme throughout the years. He has been Superman, Batman, Captain American, and now Flash.
I love all the cutesy costumes and I was bummed this year when sis told me she didn't want to be any of that cute stuff. She wanted to be a little scary. I settled for this just because it has a touch of cute in it. I ordered their costumes before we escaped to the mountains for our fall break and expected them to be there when we returned. I was totally mistaken. Once we got in and checked emails, we noticed that we had received one from the place that we ordered it from saying that it was "out of stock". Geez! Come to find out, it was out of stock everywhere in her size. So, you know what that means. I stayed up all night Friday night making one for her. I finished it about 4:30 in the morning and when I got up on Saturday, I was shocked to find a package on the porch. Yes, her costume. The "out of stock" one. That was just great! Sadie tried them both on and decided to wear the one I made because it fit better and she liked the little bag I attached on it. Oh, the little details that my girl picks up on. She is wearing the shirt I painted, the skirt and headband I made, and she added the purse/belt that came with the one ordered. I think it all came together well. Saturday evening we went to a Halloween party and had lots and lots of fun!

Here is Flash just before he took me out.

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