Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm just saying!

Life is very hectic and on top of that, we were all sick last week with sinus issues. Gavin and I are still trying to get over it. I never knew a sinus infection could make you feel so horrible and so tired. I even took a complete day off from work to just lay in the bed. I didn't quite get to lay in the bed the way I did prior to kids, but at least I did get to have a couple of small naps. I would say the busy week didn't help either. I can't remember what we did on Monday, although it was something. Tuesday Sadie had her first gymnastics class, so that meant a trip to Knoxville. She has tried dance and even considered cheer, but really wanted to do the "real" gymnastics as she calls it. It is the first thing she has really been persistent about so I didn't want to deny her of it. I hated committing to driving to Knoxville once a week, but I thought we would try it. After the first day, she LOVED it! On Wednesday, I had a training class until 3:30 and then Sadie had her first dentist appointment. I feel horrible that I have waited so long to take her to the dentist, but for some reason we have kept putting it off. Bad mommy! I was squirming while I was at training because I knew if it didn't end soon, I wasn't going to be able to meet Richard there when she went in. I squirmed and squirmed then I finally made a move. I thought that in the big scheme of things being with Sadie on her first dentist appointment was more important than the 15 minutes of training that I was going to miss. Priorities! I think and try to keep my priorities where they should be, but that isn't always the majority. I felt the looks as I walked out of the meeting early, but once I got to the car and saw that Sadie had been trying to call me, I knew I not only should have left, but probably earlier. She was very upset and Richard said she had been crying for some time. I talked to her for a little while as I was rushing to get there by the time she did and luckily when I arrived they were still waiting in the waiting room. She did great and I was so proud of her. She never fusses about brushing her teeth. She even flosses. Gavin goes next month so we will see how our next experience goes. The whole debating about leaving my training early made me think of something else that happened earlier in the week. I overheard some teachers talking about a student missing school on their birthday because the mother wanted to spend the day with them. They didn't quite agree with the child missing . Well, being a teacher and knowing it is important for students to be at school, I could see their side, but I also have a side. What is wrong with a mother wanting to spend the day with their child on their birthday? Yes, they could have waited until the weekend, but that isn't their birthday. I am weird when it comes to the actual birthday. I always try my best to have my kids' birthdays on their "birthday". No, it doesn't always work out, but I do make a huge effort to make their actual birthday special. Do I want to spend the day with my kids on their birthday? You better believe it! Would I let my kids miss school on their birthday to do something special with them? You better believe it! Is that wrong? Not in my book. In the whole scheme of things, here I go again, is my child going to remember the instruction that they received that one day at school or are they going to be more likely to remember our special day celebrating their birthday? Yes, if they are an attendance issue and they are behind in school, it is a different issue, BUT if they are a good student and normally don't miss, I think having a special day with your child is not a bad thing. Oh, I bet some of my fellow colleagues are rolling their eyes about now, but I just feel that way. I have one life with my kids here on earth and I want it to be a fabulous one. Is this an excused absence? Haha! No I don't guess it is, but you are allowed more than one unexcused and they only have one birthday a year so I think we will be ok. Whew! Where did that come from? I'm just saying! Did I work on Gavin's birthday this year? Yes, but I was miserable. I wanted to be with him so badly. Sadie's birthday is usually on our spring break, so it's not been an issue. I'm not saying that my kids will never attend school on their birthday because they will. I am saying that if there is something that I want to do with my family and the best time to do that is on my kids' birthdays then I will do it regardless of other circumstances. I don't think a parent should be looked down upon because they think their child's birthday is important and because they want to share it with them. I'll take my unexcused absence. I know that we as parents/teachers take days off from work to go on field trips with our own kids and that isn't exactly an excused absence for us. It is more about our priorities and making memories with our own children. Spending a day with my child on their birthday is the same thing in my eyes.

Back to our busy week...

Wednesday is church night, so after a quick stop at Cracker Barrel, we went to church. Thursday was my day off to rest and then came Friday. Finally! I sewed and sewed and sewed! I didn't mention the 3 nights this week that I stayed up to 3:00am sewing. Saturday came around and we headed to the fair. It was the first time I had been to the fair in over 15 years. Richard wasn't real thrilled about going, but he went for the kids. Once he decided it was a good idea to go, then he went all out. He sported his lynyrd skynyrd shirt. It wasn't long after we got there that I was reminded of why he didn't want to go. Grown men wanting to fight in front of their kids was a little much for me. We spent over 4 hours there and then we went to Wasabi. The kids had their choice of places to eat including Chucky Cheese, but as usual Sadie picked Japanese. YUMMY! We did a little shopping too and made it home by bedtime. Exhausted! Sunday, we went to New Salem Baptist Church to hear a friend sing. Heart of Grace did a wonderful job! I was really impressed. After church we made our way up to my old stomping grounds in Harrogate. We rode through LMU where I went to college. I remember it being very small and somewhat boring. haha! I was amazed at all the new additions. I was fortunate enough to be there soon after the arena was built so I got to spend my days playing for the Railsplitters in the nice, new arena. Much more has been added since. It seems to be really nice these days. Not that I want to go back. I'm just saying!
We ate and let the kids play at the park and then made it home in time for a nap. I was so excited about getting to take a nap that I ran through the house acting really silly. Not so smart. Just a few feet from the bed, I tripped and hit my toe on the recliner. It may not be broken, but it sure looks like it. I had to crawl to the bed and I bellowed for several minutes. No one cared, so I took a nap!

Here we are at Tuesday and I still have not recovered from last week. Hope things slow down a bit!


sophiemac photography said...

Take a breath....I'm just sayin'.

Chantena said...

Lol, your week was CRAZZZZYY! Sadie looks IDENTICAL to you in that photo!