Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Polkadaisies...Vintage Sun knot dress with ruffle pants

Introducing Miss Eden

How cute is this?! I knew I would love this when Rebekah was taking them. She was so cute sitting there with her feet crossed. I just wanted to "hold her feet." Gavin might have been jealous though. If there is going to be any feet holding, it better be his!

This Vintage Sun knot dress and ruffle pants was the first outfit I made for this session. I didn't have to debate it a lot because I knew which fabrics and what I wanted it to look before I even started. I was so pleased with it that I made a skirt design in the same fabrics. You will see it a little later. My fingers were crossed that Miss Eden would be able to wear it and when she came by on Friday to try it on, I was in aah. I think the colors and style suited her perfectly! The cute hair style was a plus as well. I'm thirty something and I don't have near as much style as this little thing. Again, you will see the new Polkadaisies' flowers. This time I did a smaller version and made it into a headband. I would have to say that Eden's favorite part of the day was getting to drink pink lemonade out of the bottle. She was perfectly content sitting in the chair with that big bottle of lemonade. Apple juice may be history for her now that Rebekah introduced her to lemonade. Haha!

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