Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

Captain America is still lurking from day to day. This picture shows him sitting on top of the treadmill in the corner of the bedroom watching cartoons. He keeps a good look out over our house :)

I had the most normal Sunday that I have had in a long time this past week. Rich had to work, but me and the kids went to church and then headed to Knoxville to do a little shopping. I do most of my shopping on line because it is so much easier, but the kids were good and we enjoyed being out and about. Of course we found some accessories in the Gap. Sis found her a pair of shades. We are getting ready for summer!!!!

Heather and I are wearing the new polkadaisies' shirt. I knew I was much taller than Heather, but WOW, I am a mile taller!
We had a date night last Tuesday with Rebekah and Daniel. We went to Bonefish and then caught a movie. It was nice to get to relax for a evening after working so hard the past week getting everything ready for the photo shoot. Check out this cute picture of R & D. It might be their last night out for months to come because baby Max will be her soon.

I am trying my best to get caught up with everything and get my life a bit more organized. We have a lot going on and I have not adjusted like I would like to. All the late nights have started catching up with me. I have managed to get a little more sleep in here lately, not much more, but better than what I was and it seems with the help of others, I am getting things lined out. I am very thankful to have friends and family around me that are such a great support team. Rich has become the person who does the laundry and dishes these days, well at least when mom isn't here to do them. He has also had to help me alot with the business. He is the one who lectures me daily on the behind the scenes stuff that I don't always like to deal with. I just like being at the sewing machine making things. I have had days that he has even had to help me answer emails. Not very often, but sometimes it's a must. So, as we laugh daily about it, if you get an email that says something along the lines of "price is... mail payment here...thank you" it is probably him. Not very bubbly and very matter of fact. If you get one that says something like "woo hoo, I would love to, can't wait, just send payment when it's convenient for you, good to hear from you.... that would be me. Haha! I would definitely say that I am much more of a people person than him. LOL Rich stayed up late last night getting the blog caught up, but we still like a little more. Next week is spring break so I will be able to knock out the rest of those orders that have been in for a while. Thank all of you for being so patient while I got the items ready for the photo shoot. I am also planning Sadie's 6th birthday party. Oh my! I can't believe she is turning 6. She is wanting to have another tea party and dress up. We did this for her 4th birthday but she has decided she wants to do it again. So, with all of that said, life is good here, busy, but good!


Brandi said...

Your kids are too cute. You are working way too hard girl! Sounds like you've got a great helper. Husbands rock sometimes. HEHE!!!

Rebekah Stanfill said...

my figure is much better than what I thought it was!