Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sadie's designs 09'

We worked most of the day Friday, while everyone else was out shopping, organizing the playroom and Sadie decided to get a little crafty. She hung out with me while I was sewing and made this painted canvas. Can you tell she has a love for pink? I added the bow so we could hang it up for the holidays.
After she finished her canvas she decided to use one of the cardboard pieces from the inside of a bolt of fabric to make this sassy girl in heels. She is getting pretty creative with her resources.

The kids also got to decorate the Christmas tree that we put in the playroom. Rich and I did have to add some ornaments to the top. I had bought some big sparkly ball ornaments to put back in the holes of the tree and I had to explain to Gavin that they went in the holes, not out on the ends. Then, every time he came across a big ornament he would ask me if he had to put it in the hole. Ha ha!
I was in desperate need of a bookcase because there were books scattered all over our house. I couldn't take it any longer, so without heading out in the crazy madness of holiday shopping, I snagged an old bookcase out of the garage that Rich used for storage and made a cover to hide it's ugliness. Now, all of our books are either in the playroom (on a bookcase) or in the kids' rooms (on bookcases). Major accomplishment made here at our house!!!
While I was taking pictures, I thought I would add some of Sadie and Gavin's favorite books which are great gifts for Christmas.
Sadie's all time favorite book...Pinkalicious. She has learned to read easy books, but is no where close to reading this book. However, she will pretend to read this story and almost tells it word by word.
Gavin and Sadie both enjoy this book.
Another all time favorite...Alice the Fairy.
Gavin thinks this one is hilarious and tries to say it along with me.

Now that we have most of our Christmas decorations out, I will post some pictures of my favorites later on in the week. I hope everyone found lots of deals shopping this weekend!

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