Thursday, November 5, 2009

I got him right where I want him!

I'm sitting at work earlier in the week and I receive this picture from my brother, who is keeping Gavin. At my initial glance, I thought he might be making a face through the glass door, but then I read the text..."I got him right where I want him!" I text my brother back because I was a little confused. I asked him what he meant and he responded by saying that Gavin had locked himself between the two doors. I was then recalling what a pistol Gavin had been the night before to everyone during supper, especially my brother. I was almost laughing, but yet I wasn't sure if Gavin was upset or not. I then got another text from my brother saying that he was fine and that he goes and checks on him periodically. OK now I know he is pulling my leg, but I decided to play along. I sent him a message saying that I was on my way home to check on him. I knew he would fess up if he was pulling my leg and of course, he did. Why does everyone get a kick out of getting me riled up, especially my brother? Some things never change.

I have been working most of the week on hoodies for JES cheerleaders and I hope to finish them up this weekend. I am behind on posting pictures, but I will start getting those rolling over the weekend. This week has been like a roller coaster. Too much going on and too little time. I did, however, get to take the kids to see Elmo. Rich and I enjoyed it too. I will post some pictures of that later as well. To finish the week off, Sadie woke up feeling bad today and had to miss school. Thank goodness it's almost Friday!

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