Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I get it...Long Johns!

Here are a pair of long johns that I painted for Olivia. I had never painted on a pair before, but I had never been asked to either. Hard to do considering the texture of long johns. I like them though and I think they will be super cute on Olivia. Sadie did not approve of these. She was quick to inform me that Santa's beard did not have blue in it. My take on it is that blue looked better than old drabby gray!

Have you ever had someone go on and on and on about something? Well, I'll let you in on an inside joke with me and my friends. My friend Randi Russell kept describing long johns over and over like my best friend Andrea didn't understand what long johns were. So...when someone starts describing something way too much like your not clear on it, just say "I got it...long johns!" If you hear me say it, you have went toooooo far!

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