Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Does Sadie take after mommy or daddy?

After taking several pictures of the kids yesterday, Sadie asked if she could pick out an outfit to have her picture made in. I agreed to let her, only to see what she would come up with. She always seems to amaze me, and of course, she always makes me smile. This is one of her favorite dresses. Richard and I went out this summer and asked Sadie what she wanted us to bring back and she said a PINK DRESS. This is the one we brought back. She knew it was cold out, so she LAYERED. What a smart girl! I knew it would be flip flops regardless of what outfit she came up with. She hates wearing socks and shoes. At first she didn't have the leggings on but when we got outside she told me that she thought she needed to get something else. The leggings! So, the question is: Who's fashion sense does she have? Mommy's or daddy's?

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