Saturday, December 1, 2012

Polkadaisies...A lot of this and that!

I am so behind on blogging and I don't think it is possible to get caught up.  I use to do so good about putting new items on the blog, but it just seems like I can't find the time any more.  My kids are starting to get more involved in after school activities and I am sewing as much as I possibly can so I guess the blog is the last thing to get finished.  With that being said, I have downloaded a bunch of cuties to share with you.  I hope to do better with the blogging once I get through all the Christmas orders. 
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 Ella in her school spirit shirt
                                                     Above:  Rylan is his turkey shirt

                                             Below: The Sexton Boys in their turkeys

 Olivia the Pig birthday party!

                                       Name shirt to match Addison's Matilda Jane skirt

                                                       camo birthday...number shirt

                                                                     Twirl outfits

                                                                  Christmas outfits

Winter Wonderland first birthday outfit

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