Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school pics...Southern Charm Portraits

I am always so excited when SCP (Rebekah)  takes the kids' pictures.  I was on the road heading to Nashville yesterday when she started tweeting about all of the "back to school" pictures she was blogging and I was so excited.  THEN...she stopped just a kid or two before she got to mine.  I was so bummed because it's always like getting a much anticipated gift that you know you will love.  I quickly became pre-occupied with being in Nashville and didn't check my phone for a few hours until my friend leaned over (during the Kiss and Motley Crue concert intermission) and asked if I had seen the pictures yet.  I was thrilled because I LOVED my "gift".  Thank you Rebekah!!!  Amazing as always!

My little kindergartener...Gavin

 My 3rd grader...Sadie

They are growing up way too fast!!!!!

photography by
(scp rocks!!!!)

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