Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aerosmith Rocks!

We tried not to get our hopes up for a great concert, considering it had been over 20 yrs since we saw them last, but they lived up to all of our expectations and then some.  Aerosmith still has it!!!
We arrived in Atlanta, GA just in time to get ready for dinner.  
We ate at the Oceanaire and it was delicious. After dinner we caught a cab over to the Phillips' Area and luckily got there in time to catch Cheap Trick who was opening for Aerosmith.  It took me back to the good ole' days.  I have been to some great concerts and this one is ranked in my top 3.  Steven Tyler has still got it!!!

I have really fell off the wagon these past few days.  Between the Oceanaire, the Cheesecake Factory, Jets Pizza, and Krispy Kreme I am scared to step on the scales.  I guess I will hit it hard Monday.  Why is it so hard to lose it but so easy to gain??

Good Times!!!
Kiss & Motley Crue is our next one unless we come across another one in between :)

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