Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Weekend in Nashville...Good times!

Last weekend we made a trip to Nashville to see Van Halen.  I was extremely excited and had been looking forward to going "back on the road" again especially after a long week of testing at school.  Rich and I hadn't left the kids over night since last September so we were excited to have a mini vacation.  
 I love the 80's and I couldn't wait to hear another 80's band in concert.  Oh how I love concerts!!!
Rich and I both had seen them "back in the day" so we just knew it would be great. I hadn't seen or heard much about Van Halen in years so I still remembered them like the picture below.  Of course they have changed...Who hasn't???
I know I have changed!  Haha!  Just look for yourself.  Below is a picture of me about the time I seen their last concert.  See the hair resemblance??? Oh how I loved BIG hair!!!!! 

Let's just say that I was just a bit disappointed in the concert.  Of course, we had a good time, but it wasn't exactly what I expected.  I just didn't find David Lee Roth dancing around in his Jazz shoes as cool as I did years ago.  Eddie Van Halen still rocks though!  Kool and the Gang opened up for them and we just caught about 15 or 20 minutes of them but they were really good. They really did "get down on it".   I wish we would have gotten there early enough to see all of their songs.  Although we were a little disappointed in the concert, the rest of the weekend was a blast!!!

 Every trip starts with a picture something like this one.  It's a long story about me and lots of gold jewelry, but I won't go in to all of that.  Those who are around me alot will appreciate it :)

It just means, Let the Fun begin!!!!

Dinner at the Standard was definitely a hit.  Rich and I both (and our friends Steph & Jason) have been on a diet since the first of March so we had decided to splurge once we got to Nashville.   The half baked cookie that came out warm and gooey in a deep dish was just the thing I wanted to splurge on.  DELICIOUS!!!! No one would share so we each had our very own!!!
I was miserable once we left.  It had been a LONG time since I had eaten that much.  I probably consumed my 1200 calories in about 4 bites.  Oh well, it was worth it!

Saturday morning we headed down town.  The guys went to the barber shop to get a straight razor shave and steph and I went browsing.  We met back and listened to a little music at the Honky Tonk Central.  Next on our at the mall!

We browsed around for some time and then headed in to Nordstrom.  As soon as we walked in there were tons of formals everywhere.  It was a sure sign that it is prom season.  I loved prom season and I always loved trying on formals.  Being almost 6' it was the only time I could try on clothing and not have to worry about it being too short.  Dresses are made so much longer than everything else so I had the urge to try some on.  It had been a VERY LONG time since I had tried on formals but I didn't see any reason why I should resist that urge.  Stephanie was busy looking around and I was gathering up an arm full of formals and heading to the dressing room.  I took a few pictures and sent them to Rich and Steph.  I was so cracked up that I could barely control it when they lady would come and ask me how it was going.  She kept bringing me dresses.  Did I really look like someone who needed a formal.  LOL!  
The first was this yellow number.  Haha!  I have NEVER tried on a yellow dress but why not.  Yellow isn't my color but the lady insisted :)  It wasn't long after I had sent a few pictures that I heard Steph walk in laughing while asking where I was.  I shared a few more with her and it was almost more than we could handle. 
Stephanie and I shopped a little more and finally met up with the guys who were killing time at the Cheesecake Factory.  I wondered why they weren't ringing our phones every little bit asking how much longer.

THey were enjoying themselves!  Check out this Red velvet cheesecake.  YUMMY!  Splurge number 2!

 We went to 5 Point Saturday night and tried out the Margot Cafe.  The atmosphere was so nice and relaxing.  Good times!!!    

We will be going "back on the road" in July and hopefully Steven Tyler will redeem our concert adventures when we see Aerosmith.

If not, then maybe Kiss will do it in September.

And if all else fails, Madonna can do it in November!

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