Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Sadie!!!

Today is my little girl's birthday and it was such a beautiful day. We had a great day and have been celebrating her "birthday week" (as the kids call it) all week long. It has been wonderful being able to do some family things. We will be having her party next week do to so much going on this weekend, so there will be more pictures to come :)
Sadie is in 2nd grade and I have had the pleasure of having her in my class again this year. She has Mrs. Fritts the first part of the day and then she has me the second part of the day. We changed schools this year and it has been wonderful. Change is always hard but it was a great move for me and her both.

She is a great student and does really well in school which makes me extremely proud.

She is in her second year of gymnastics and swim and still enjoys them both tremendously. She took on a new adventure this year as I was amazed at how far she came and she says that she will be doing it again next year.

She is extremely close to her brother and I am very thankful for their love for one another. It's the sweetest thing!

She loves shoes and asked for a pair of "real" high heels for her birthday.

She also asked for a turtle. We got her 3 red ear sliders and when they came in Thursday, we went ahead and gave them to her. She opened them up and saw there were three and was thrilled. Gavin asked if he could have one and of course, she gave him one. See, they adore one another.
Sadie named hers Vacation and Candy. LOL! She talks about going to the beach all year long and definitely has a sweet tooth. The names were suiting for her new pets.

The biggest blessing of all this past year is that Sadie got saved. She has had lots of questions in the past months and on March 19th she barely had her eyes open as I was waking her for school and asked me if she could get baptized. I told her that you get saved first and she told me that she did. I asked her when and she said that she did in the middle of the night. I asked her why she didn't tell me and she said that I was asleep. I didn't go to sleep until 2am that night and I woke her up at 6am so some time between 2 and 6 my baby woke up and asked Jesus to come into her heart. I can't tell you how proud she is to be a Christian and has shared it with everyone we know but no one is prouder than her daddy and me.
I take about 5-10 minutes each day in the classroom to let the kids "tell me something good" and the day Sadie got saved she was out of the room when I pulled sticks. (I have each student's name on a stick and draw 5 or so out each day so it's fair) I did pull Sadie's that day but since she wasn't in there, I continued letting others share. By the time she got back to the room, we were getting ready to line up for recess and she asked if I had already done the "tell me something good". I told her I had and she asked if I had pulled her stick. I told her I did and she asked if she could do hers. I said yes and she shouted "I got saved!!!!" The kids began talking about it and asking lots of questions. One little girl asked me how you get saved and then went back to her desk. After a few minutes she came back up and asked if she had to do it in the middle of the night. I thought it was so cute. She was just trying to take it all in and figure things out and since Sadie did it in the middle of the night, she was wondering if that was when you HAD to do it. I then had another student asked me if I had talked to Sadie about it and I told him that we had been talking a lot about it. He informed me that him and Sadie had been talking about it as well. He said that he had told her "If God is knocking on your heart, then open the door and let Him in!" How sweet is that!!! What a blessing to know that your child is saved! So, needless to say it's been an exciting few weeks around here.

These last three pictures are of Sadie being Sadie. I would tell her to pose and she would do a sassy pose and I would tell her no, but at the end I told her to go for it and this is what I got...

Happy 8th Birthday sweet girl!
I love you to pieces!

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