Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm back!

I have not blogged in a little bit and tonight it is just a cluster of pictures from my phone. It has been an interesting week and a half but I hope things will get back to normal this coming week. Between swim practice, gymnastics, school, dentist appointments (kids only thank goodness...I hate going to the dentist), doctors visits (a little more than I bargained for...I guess I hate going to the doctor too) , birthday parties, Disney on Ice, and much, much more we are feeling a bit drained. Thankfully, we were lucky to get a long weekend. I hope to get back to business Monday and will try to get some orders blogged. I can say that I am sooooooo glad to have all of those turkeys finished.

trying on hats at the mall :)

Disney on Ice

still able to wear her original "Sadie Style" skirt
(3rd year wearing it but this is her 3rd shirt to match it)

recess at school

one of the many dogs that decided to call our house home
The kids called this dog Sally until they realized it was a boy. Now it's name is Sal...haha!
Dance at school 70's style

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