Thursday, March 24, 2011

A great, much needed, weekend full of fun!

After being sick for what seemed like forever, we loaded up Thursday evening and headed to Gatlinburg. The first thing on our mind was eating, but then we headed up the mountain to the candy store. My kids are pretty easy because that was their favorite part of the trip. We came back to the room and the kids swam until they were about to fall over. We couldn't believe that the outdoor pool was open and that was exactly what the kids wanted to do the next morning when we got up. Tennessee weather is crazy. My kids were swimming last weekend and today I wore my Northface and Uggs. Bring on the warmer weather and let it stick around!

Gavin and I were the go cart champs as usual. We just can't be beaten. We raced twice and I even let Rich and Sadie in the front car during the second race. They just can't take us!

The walk of shame...losers again!

We came home Friday night and headed back out Saturday going to the REO Speedwagon concert. The kids stayed with Nannie and Papaw while we spent some time with some friends. It was my first trip to Cherokee, NC. The concert was at the casino and as hard as it is to believe it, I didn't put one coin in the slot machines. I'm not much on gabling. Rich played some black jack and I just sat and watched people. Very interesting I must say. We ate at the Paula Deen restaurant while we were there. I was a bit disappointed. I am a picky eater, to say the least, but all four of us were not impressed. My dinner at Bonefish last night was much better! We came home Sunday and spent the day relaxing at home. We are already looking in to our next concert adventure :)

These pictures crack me up. I am a big girl...5'11" to be exact and Jason makes all of us look so tiny. I don't get that very often. I can't believe how tall he is. I am even wearing some major heels in this picture.

Just call me Mr. ED...LOL

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