Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I wondered at times if I would get everything accomplished that I intended to and luckily I did. Thank goodness we were out of school 4 out of 5 days the week before Christmas vacation because of snow. If we wouldn't have, I don't know what I would have done. Even with the days off, I pulled a few days without going to bed. Crazy, I know, but it was better than stressing about getting everything finished. Richard and I did all the kids' shopping online and I got everything else finished with one trip to Knoxville...the day before Christmas Eve. I won't do that again! I used to like the trips to the mall during the holidays but it's just not me any more. I'd rather spend my days leading up to Christmas at home wrapping presents, decorating ginger bread houses, baking, making ornaments, etc. The best part of our trip to the mall was that the kids got to see santa. Gavin, who is just 4, has not been a true believer of Santa, but after our trip he now believes he is real. How could he not believe in Santa?! Santa ROCKS!!!
It was so nice spending time with family and eating all the goodies my mom had prepared. The look on my kids faces as they walked into the playroom to see that santa had been there was priceless. Richard and I were just so thankful that neither of us were sick. The past two years we have been sick on Christmas. There is nothing like having to put toys together between tossing your cookies. This year I thought we had made it through everything with a clean bill of health. Then, about 4:00 on Christmas I became ill. I couldn't believe that I was spending another Christmas so sick that I had to quarantine myself in hopes that no one else would get it. Yesterday was a blur because I must have slept the entire day. I was a little sad when I woke up and heard the kids playing with all their new toys and that, again this year, I was too puny to make my way into the room where they were at. Luckily, as I sit here tonight, no one else shows any signs of getting what I had and I am slowly starting to feel better. I've not made it out of the recliner much, but atleast I am in the company of my family and they are enjoying all the cool things Santa brought them.

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Brandi said...

You poor thing, hope you are starting to feel better!!! I hate being sick. Mommies should have to NEVER be sick, right!!!