Friday, February 12, 2010

Polkadaisies...a special woobie

My friend Judy brought in her daughter Windy's baby blanket. I hate to say it Windy, well, I won't say it, but the blanket is more than 30 years old. Ha ha! Since Windy will be having her first baby, Judy's first grand baby, in two weeks, she wanted to do something special with the blanket she had been holding on to all these years. I couldn't believe it when I seen it. Boy, Windy loved her blanket as much as I loved mine as a child. Cutting this blanket was a bit scary because I know how special it is. I don't think I could cut mine, which is still in my dresser drawer. Anyways, I did cut a section out that did not have any holes. I made it into a "woobie" for the baby. How sweet and sentimental! To make a long story short, this family has been on a roller coaster ride for years and soon they are going to be blessed with a gift from God. I am so excited for them! Now, if we just had a name!

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