Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Polkadaisies* pictures sent in by customers...THANKS!

Meet Miss Brenna. Let's make note that she made it to the blog before her big sister and she is even the second child. I might add that she is ONE of the second. She has a twin brother. Her big sister had a Polkadaisies outfit before her, but mom didn't send me a picture. Shame on you Heather. Good job Brenna. You wear it well! Hope you had a great birthday!

Meet Mr. Jake. Doesn't he look hansome! I love his hair :)

This is Miss Rilie who is Jake and Abby's cousin. Adorable!

Meet Miss Abby. I think Sadie has met her match when it comes to posing. Love it Abby! A little bit of sass goes a long way :)

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