Thursday, January 29, 2009

Polkadaisies name shirt

I worked all evening yesterday on shirts. I finished up all the peace sign shirts, some school shirts (Eagles), and this name shirt. I have a couple more shirts to finish and them I am going to start working on all the "when pink & black swirl, you'll want to twirl" orders and the necklaces. I was so hoping to be able to stay home today and sew all day, but the weather did not cooperate. It has teased me all week. There is hope for Monday though. LET IT SNOW!!!! I want one good one that we can play in for a couple of days and then I want it to be summer :)
I was so confident yesterday that we would get out that I placed a bet with my friend Judy. I lost, so I will be buying her a Dr. Pepper after lunch when we are about to fall over and need a caffeine burst!

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